How to become a good Freelancer in 2021

1. What does it mean to be a freelancer?

1.2. A freelancer differs from an employee in several ways. Employees are:

    • Isn’t in charge of deciding when, where, and how they work.
    • Has no influence in how much they are paid, or what raises or bonuses they are given.
    • Are perks and gets reimbursed for work-related expenses (like health insurance)

1.3. A freelancer, on the other hand, is almost the polar opposite of an employee. Freelancers:

  • They have the freedom to choose who they want to work for when they want to work, and where they want to work, with a few limitations.
  • They decide the payment rates.
  • They do not receive any benefits from their employers.

2. Do you really want to be a Freelancer?

here are some advantages and disadvantages of Being a Freelancer to help you decide if being a freelancer is what you want or not.

2.1 The benefits include:
    • Choosing who you work for and who you don’t (as well as when and for how long)
    • Working on only the projects that you genuinely want to work on
    • Flexibility
    • The extent of the exposure (you learn a lot about different industries)
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2.2. The following are the drawbacks:
  • There are no benefits.
  • Work isn’t always reliable, which can lead to cash flow issues.
  • Isolation (you spend practically all of your time working alone)

Now you know the bad and goods of being a freelancer. If you really want to be a freelancer well then mkbn is the best platform to start from. You can register and start listing your services for free.

3. How to become a successful freelancer

3.1 Start Small

Always start small. Don’t start with many Gigs. Select what you are good at and pursue that one thing that you are good at. Optimize the quality of the service you deliver and people will always choose your gigs. It is easier to focus on one small Gig than to run multiple gigs.

Focus on one thing and be good at that thing then you’ll see everything will work out just fine. People who focus on one thing tend to outperform those who focus on multiple things at the same time. Hence, there is a saying “you’ll get a few things done when you multitask”.


4. Why should you become a freelancer on mkbn?

First of all, we are a freelance marketplace which means people are more likely to search for services from our platform because they will find a number of services at competitive prices and they will also have the freedom of choosing who to work with from a number of freelancers unlike going to a platform with a single provider.

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Secondly, you won’t have to deal with expensive marketing costs as we will do most of the marketing. For you to be successful you’ll have to focus on offering the best service to retain clients, that’s all you’ll have to do.

3rd we have an affiliate program that is meant to promote this website. All this will work for you and your success.





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