blogging for business: 2021

Most entrepreneurs are not aware of all the benefits they will gain if they took some time off their busy schedule to learn about blogging for business. Blogging is an integral part of every business. I’ve personally created many websites for companies and advised them to write blogs on a consistent basis or just 15 blogs a month. However, almost all of the company owners ignored my advice. Today 90% of those websites are down and no longer functioning.

1. The importance of blogging for business

To be honest a company website that doesn’t contain any blog posts is as good as dead. I will be quite honest and call a ‘spade a spade’, If you have a business website that is not providing value or answering your client’s questions or at least solving their problems then your business is missing a lot.

In today’s world, it’s a bit difficult for people to go to google and type in your URL to visit your website. If people are looking for products or services they usually search for reviews. People want to know about the product or service they need before they purchase it, they also want to know of possible alternatives to get the best product or service out there.

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Customers want answers about the service or product before investing their hard-earned money into buying the actual product or service. So if your company is providing answers to customers through blogs, then most of your customers will come to you through your blogs.

People search the internet every day to get answers. If your company is providing answers to the problems that your clients are having then most of the people who are searching for these answers will find your blog and learn about your business. This way you’ll be able to get more sales and you’ll always be ahead of your competitors.

For example: if you are offering business services like business plans. You can write about funding programs that are looking for businesses like the ones you want to write business plans for. Once people see the funding opportunities, they might want you to draft a business plan for them to apply. 

2. Blogging will help you in increasing your rank on Google 

Blogging for business

Google ranks blogs according to keywords. If you provide quality content on a consistent basis then you’ll have higher chances of ranking high on the first page of google’s search engine. By ranking high, your website will have a lot of traffic. The more people who visit your site the more sales you can get.

To rank high on google you must first know about keyword research. You must know what people are searching for, their problems and questions, so that you can provide relevant content that will keep traffic coming to your website. for keyword research you can use tools like ubersuggest,  or Google Keyword planner.

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Choosing the right keyword and ranking for it will increase your website’s traffic in a crazy way. Remember, people are most likely not to search for your company URL but they are definitely searching for the services or products that you are offering. So it is highly important to take your time and invest it in writing high-quality blogs that respond to your customer’s needs, questions and problems.

3. How to find problems that your customers have? 

Finding problems or questions that your customers have is much easy. You can find most of this information on social media. Join pages that focus on the same business like yours and you’ll find a lot of questions there as many people will always post their challenges. You can also have your own page where you interact with your potential customers, this will help you discover their problems and challenges.

Another good way is to follow question and answers websites like quora. People always post their questions on such platforms. You can get a lot of information on such platforms. You can also do a google search to find forums that align with your business. People always to forums to get answers. There are many platforms you can use to get ideas of what you should blog about.

4. Always focus on your customers and not you

Always note that blogs are not meant to provide what you want but what is important to your clients. If you fail to provide valuable content to your clients then you’ll lose a lot of clients. Most people write what they enjoy. Whereas, blogs are not meant to excite business owners but to help clients.

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Blogs can earn you trust. Trust is what you need in this competitive world. Loyal customers can really boost your business as it will be easy for them to convert into sales. Not only that but they will also give you repeated sales.

Loyal customers can also serve as referrals. Now referrals are the most important form of marketing that your business needs. Most people will buy without asking twice if they have been referred by someone they really trust. Providing high valuable content will get people talking about your website and your business.

5. Blogging can serve as a source of income 

The reason you started a business was to earn money. Therefore, most blogging for your business can really serve as a source of income. Yes, you can host adverts on your website. which will allow you to monetize your blogs or website. You can also display your own services or products on your blog to drive more traffic from your blog to your sales or store page. You can also affiliate with companies offering related products or services that you don’t offer.

This is a win-win situation. Blogs are really important in every business. There is a lot you are missing out on if you are not blogging.


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