Card Machine: Your business needs one: 2021

If your business doesn’t have a card machine you are missing out. The truth is you are losing a lot of customers on a daily basis. If you want to get ahead of your competition you should get a card machine this is highly important and we will discuss some advantages you’ll have by getting one.

You need a card machine because people no longer carry cash these days

We are living in a day where having cash in your wallet is dangerous. Crime has increased to an unbearable level these days. There are many thieves who rob people of their wallets. For this reason, many have opted to keep their money in their bank accounts and walking around with their bank cards.

It is easy to get your card blocked if someone steals it, which simply means it is safer to walk with your card than to walk with a huge amount of money in your wallet. If you ask many people to show you their wallets you’ll hardly find any cash.

Long queues at the bank are another reason why people prefer cards over cash. If you go to the bank, you are most likely to find long queues of people waiting to withdraw their money, more especially at the beginning of each month as most people collect their social grant money during such periods. So if you don’t have a card machine you’ll obviously be losing a lot of money.

Paying with a card is much cheaper

Most banks do not charge any transaction fees when you pay with your bank card than they do when you withdraw money from the ATM. This is another reason why many people prefer cards over cash.

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Every time I go to the store I complain to the store owner because he doesn’t have a card machine, and the ATMs are far. So I prefer going to ShopRite than to local stores because they simply don’t have card machines and I’ll have to go far to withdraw. Imagine how many customers they are losing simply because they don’t have a card machine.

Card machines are not even expensive. You can get yourself one with as little as R399 once-off free from Yoco. Yoco is one of the most advanced card processing machine manufacturers in the country and their machines are affordable and convenient.

Where can One get a reliable Card machine:

Honestly, I experienced the best service with Yoco, they are not just offering card processing services but they go an extra mile into helping companies as they are always innovating and investing billions into their services.

Yoco is an African technology company. They create opportunities for entrepreneurs to get paid and be more successful. They continuously break down barriers and create access so that more businesses can participate in the economy and thrive.

Yoco is establishing new markets; building business tools and financial services that work for entrepreneurs. They are making payments accessible for small businesses – often for the first time.

Yoco is undoubtedly growing fast.

They are the best in the country and they allow you to do much more with their machines. You can get your Card machine today by clicking here, 

Yoco also allows you to send your clients a payment link through WhatsApp and you’ll get the payment directly into your bank account. Register on their website by clicking here and take your business to the next level.

One reason I love Yoco is that they always stick to their promise and they excel in the following fields:

  1. Mobile Apps – They build mobile apps that power small businesses and help them get paid. Created with cutting edge technologies like Swift, Kotlin and React-Native.
  2. Payment Processing – Their powerful payment processing backends move money fast. This means businesses can run their businesses without worrying about the layer beneath.
  3. Data Platform – Their data platform is designed not only to enable the business to make decisions but to empower merchants and their customers too.





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