How Covid 19 affect businesses and market in South Africa



Because the covid 19 pandemic had a detrimental impact on business, the government set aside funds for this reason and also re-prioritized financing for Small and Medium-sized firms that were affected through a one-time business survival funding mechanism. The government is also working with large corporations to identify their contributions to the assistance of Small and Medium-sized businesses. Job and hunger and poverty alleviation.Taking into account a variety of options of assisting the economy’s recovery after being severely harmed by the Coronavirus


On Tuesday, the rand remained under pressure as risk appetite in the global market environment remained fragile. The Delta variant continues to rear its head, bringing with it many uncertainties and fear about the future and effectiveness of some vaccines. The main focus this week will be on the US Fed, which will provide crucial guidance on their monetary policy approach and timeliness. The rand was trading at R14,80 per dollar, R17,49 per euro, and R20,52 per euro on Wednesday


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