How do I put My Business on Google maps: 2021

1. Why the answer to “how do I put my business on google maps?” is important to you

The first time I opened a business I was worried about getting customers for my services. I kept asking myself one question “How can I put my business on google maps “.

I knew my customers were searching for my services on a daily basis. So I had to find information on how do I to put my business on google maps. Thank God I found that information at the end and I successfully put my business on google maps.

Ever since my services and contact details were available on google maps, My sales have increased greatly. A company that is available on google maps has a great advantage over competitors who are not available.

Customers normally go to google and type the services they are looking for and google shows all the companies that offer the service near their location, therefore it’s highly important to put your business on google maps. you’ll surely benefit from all the searches made on Google for your service.

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2. Google maps will bring you clients but it’s your responsibility to retain them.

Putting your business on google maps will bring you tons of customers. However, you have to impress them with the quality of your service. Customers who experience poor service from your business will never come back to your business.

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Unsatisfied customers can leave a bad review about your business on google maps. bad reviews will affect your business in many ways. Many people start by reading reviews before buying anything online, so you really don’t want any bad reviews.

Happy customers will gladly share your business with friends and family. Their friends and family will also spread the good news about your services and products. This will greatly increase your business. So put your business on google maps and also put in the work to keep customers coming back for more.

3. Steps to put your business on google maps:

  • Go to google ad type in google my business
  • Click on the first link that appears on the search results
  • Click Start Now, and a google sign-in page will open that requires you to insert your email address.
  • Type in your email address and press next, then you will be prompted to insert your password. Put in your password
  • then you will be asked to provide your business details.
  • You will get to a point where you’ll be asked to put in your website or create one if you don’t have a company website. If you don’t have a website select 2get me a free website” and press next.

  • Google will help you create a website for your business. make sure you select a beautiful theme that will entice your visitors.
  • After you’re done with these steps you’ll be asked to verify your business, you can either verify through a video call or type in your postal address to receive a verification code directly into your postal address.
  • get your business verified and you’ll be all set up.
  • After verifying your business you’ll receive an email notifying you that your business is verified and lie on google maps.
  • Congratulations Now your Business is live on google maps.
  • You’ll have a  dashboard similar to the one below, that’s where you manage your Google Maps account.

how do i put my business on google maps

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NB: always make sure you provide high-quality services. this is highly important. and ask you, happy customers, to leave a review about your business or services. this will have positive results for your business as you’ll be able to beat all your competitors. All the best in your business.

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