How the job market in South Africa affects the youth: 2021

The job market is one of South Africa’s most pressing issues, and this perplexing aspect of the labor market has had a negative impact on youth since most young people are doing everything they can to find work. Finding the appropriate opportunity to realize one’s full potential, on the other hand, might be incredibly difficult. This is why:

*Traditional education is insufficient and most graduates are not well prepared for the job market

– If you are one of the millions of young Africans whose schooling failed to provide them with the necessary skills, chances, or networks to find work in 2021 and beyond, know that you are not alone.

* 75 percent of jobs are advertised

– But 80 percent of jobs are filled through word of mouth, this  means that opportunities you are looking for are not always available on job boards

* Impact is rarely emphasized

– Finding a job is one thing; starting a career that speaks directly to who you are and what matters to you is quite another

South Africa’s young people have the potential to become a source of untold global Creativity, entrepreneurship, and wealth for the continent and the world. From fresh graduates to the unemployed, it is important to remember that your future success is determined by your ideas, motivation, and willingness to put in the effort required to make it happen.

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As a young person remember that coming from a Rural Area does not mean you can’t start a business there even though Rural areas have obstacles, but they also provide a lower cost of living, a slower pace of life, and several opportunities to earn money through a side hustle that benefits the community.

The following are the ideas for small businesses in rural locations


*many rural regions have plenty of wood and trees to work with. Woodworking is in high demand and can range from large projects to small complex plaques. Both ways are unique ways to make a lot of money

2.Remote office space

* With the introduction of mandatory work at home in 2020, why pay R5000 a month for a modest office in the city when you can obtain treble space for less than half the price 40 miles away? For towns that may now benefit as a sleeping community, renovating cheap buildings into excellent workplaces with good internet will become a significant business.

3.Teach computer skills courses

*When it comes to infrastructure to support new technologies, many very rural regions are Last in line. Adults in remote places are ready to master skills such as emails, social media, and safe web browsing which you may take for granted

4.Creating a website for a small business

*Almost everyone understands the importance of having an online presence. However, many business owners don’t know who to hire to develop a website or what to do next, therefore offer the service to build the websites and get paid.


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5.Firewood delivery

*If you grow up in a city, you might be astonished to learn how many homes still use wood burners to heat their houses. In many rural places, firewood distribution is a huge business

6.Rural ride sharing

*Uber and Lyft cater to city dwellers. You are out of luck if you live in a town 1500 miles from the next rural community. However, if you were known as a person who was pleased to provide ride services, you may be quite successful in a remote area that values independence. Along the process, you get to know your neighbors and deliver excellent service!

7. Off-grid electricity installation

*Solar panels or a wind turbine are being installed on many farms, rural residences, and cottages. Even in the most rural places, people who know (or learn)how to properly set up and install off-grid electricity are in high demand.

Another good thing about young people is that they know better about technology. Therefore because most young people are tech-savvy, one of the best ways for rural businesses to expand and survive is to use technology to breathe new life into traditional business models.

Many small neighborhood businesses that have suffered in recent years may prosper if they focused on an online business and a physical presence. In many cases, the main issue is obtaining good internet access in remote areas. In many regions, however, where there is a strong trend to shop locally and support local companies, having an online listing is  even more crucial


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