Investing in Africa’s youth

Investing in Africa’s youth is an attractive opportunity in Africa, where a growing population has largely good economic activity

* Investing in youth creates opportunities since they have high investment potential

– This indicates that Africa will soon have the world’s largest workforce, there are 1.2 billion people on the planet between the ages of 15-24, with 200 million of them living in Africa, of those 200 million,75 million are actively looking for work right now

– And what is driving the continent ‘a structural unemployment is that Africa has faced a number of issues in the past and I believe that the reality is that with the continent ‘a rapid growth of young people, the region is facing new challenges. If we have ignorant young people who do not have access to opportunities, we will face a catastrophe in the future because we will lack experience in economic growth in our continent and will have young people who do not have the opportunity to participate successfully in the economy. So the essential component that we need to focus on is leadership and as well as education and there needs to be a significant improvement in education by both government, civil society the corporate sector, and others especially given Africa’s present economic growth

*The challenge that young people face these days is becoming lost: the majority of them have no idea where they come from or where they are heading. *Without having possibilities to grow as individuals would be a disappointment. The majority of young people lack confidence in their goals. People in remote locations for example: don’t have access to the internet, making it difficult for them to apply for jobs and scholarships, worse yet, some of them have no idea how to apply

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What I have noticed in the market is that; while there is a significant amount of money invested in education is actually provided, and what types of teachers are employed at school where pupils are enrolled for example someone was in a cab and trying to converse with the driver when she discovered that a driver is a young man under the age of 30, yet he has his own car that he uses indicating that he is an entrepreneur. He is running a taxi service out of his own car and making money, and she recognizes that the driver is intelligent yet he is unable to complete his schooling since he cannot afford to pay R40 00 p.a. Why does a smart man like him who just graduated from high school not have access to information about what and where he can further his education and what types of bursaries and scholarships are available? They are all part of what the teachers do at school. So a smart man like him is not able to know that there are bursaries that he can apply for.

*If you look at other countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States they’re interested in research and development. The reason the United States supports the United kingdom’s development is that there is more development in research and development.

-We are doing the same but we must also ask ourselves as Africans what type of economists we want to be, we can’t just have people go to school and not be economists. This just indicates that certain topics may not be appropriate, but focus or try to push Maths, science, and technology. Remember that a lot of our countries are coming out into a different world. A world that is very technologically advanced. And need to almost play catch-up and invest in technology.

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-The most important thing is to invest in education, because Africa is currently growing and in order for a country to achieve the appropriate level of education.

-As for me I believe that once youth receive education and are able to pack the necessary technical skills. African economic growth will be revalued.

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